Confession time

I only like basil in small quantities. A pesto lover, I am not.

“But, Natasha,” I hear you say. “You have at least two basil plants in “your garden”:!”

Yup. It’s because I would like to like basil more. And because Bill would probably be a basil fish if he could figure out the anatomy. A pesto lover does not even begin to describe Bill.

I’ve only had one pesto I’ve ever enjoyed. Angelique’s husband, Marty, made it. Then he emailed me the recipe, when I said I liked it. I made it in my home later that year. To be honest? I don’t recall how I felt about it when I made it. Weird, isn’t it?

Anyway, since basil is on the list of foods I’d like to like (more), I’m trying something new today. I’m going to make & freeze some combination basil/garlic scape pesto. I hope it’s tasty, and basily, so I can start getting back into it.

I also hope the repetition of grinding & cooking & such helps mellow out my mood. It’s been an oddly rough day today, and for no good reason. Being in the kitchen should help, I think.