[119] Pork Shoulder with Chipotle-Orange BBQ Sauce

Cover of Simply Organic by Jesse Ziff Cool

Note: this was made prior to buying the hog. It is NOT from our share of the hog.

We made this one for a party. I’m not sure if I was prompted by a Whole Foods sale on pork shoulder, a cut I am loving more and more and more. My friend Dylan tells me it’s commonly turned into sausage, do to its ratio of fat:meat. I say, “What a waste!” This is good for so many other things!

I have a slightly tilted photo there. No idea why.

Anyway, as you can see, there’s a lot of good stuff going on in that photo. Aside from a nice cut of meat, the oranges, green onions & chipotles!

I recall it being pretty simple to make as well.… Continue reading →

The next few days

I’ve been contemplating that monstrous list to the right. That one that tells you what we’ve cooked so far. Cooked, but haven’t posted. Something must be done there.

So, over the next few days, I’m going to crank out some of that list. It’s not going to be what’s been standard to this point. To be frank, I cannot remember what was hard and what was easy and what was weird and so on of that list. Thus, instead, I’m just going to post a few photos, and give you our basic impression of the recipe’s flavor.

Interspersed with that, I’m planning to update the “About page”:http://metacookbook.com/permalink/about.html and I will include other recipes that are ours, or “misc recipes”:http://metacookbook.com/archives/264-Help-me-out,-please.html or what have you. I may also update “The Rules,”:http://metacookbook.com/permalink/rules.html… Continue reading →