[119] Pork Shoulder with Chipotle-Orange BBQ Sauce

Cover of Simply Organic by Jesse Ziff Cool

Note: this was made prior to buying the hog. It is NOT from our share of the hog.

We made this one for a party. I’m not sure if I was prompted by a Whole Foods sale on pork shoulder, a cut I am loving more and more and more. My friend Dylan tells me it’s commonly turned into sausage, do to its ratio of fat:meat. I say, “What a waste!” This is good for so many other things!

I have a slightly tilted photo there. No idea why.

Anyway, as you can see, there’s a lot of good stuff going on in that photo. Aside from a nice cut of meat, the oranges, green onions & chipotles!

I recall it being pretty simple to make as well. I think it was basically a throw together, then throw in the oven recipe.

It was, however, a pretty long recipe. I don’t remember how long, but I do recall starting the pork before folks showed up. And the change in light levels is not just due to changing where we are in the kitchen (though that’s part of it).

It roasted FOREVER. Made the house smell awesome.

This was it just out of the oven. Though it’s a dark shot, I just love the chipotle flecks on the meat. They’re little signs of TASTY.

I didn’t really have time to adjust the light to make the shot prettier. The catch to throwing a dinner party is that people expect you to feed them pretty much as the food is ready. Folks do actually have a pretty strong tolerance for some photography, especially if they know you’re a blogger who is (someday) going to post this stuff online. However, there’s still a limit.

This fed a solid six people, with one or two servings left over. So tasty. So tasty that Bill was really sad when I gave all the leftovers to our friend Theresa.

He totally ignored my point that she’d gotten me drunk and taken advantage of my food. How unfair is that?