Jam Giveaway!

I’m making the first jam of the summer! One of my favorite farmers had a TON of strawberries for me to make jam. I’m thankful for this, because I didn’t think I’d manage to make strawberry jam this year – this is the end of the season.

The berries are seconds, which I am still learning how to use, so it’s been an adventure. But the canner’s heating up, and the berries are smooshed and the sugar’s measured, and I’m ready. And I have so many seconds leftover, I might manage to make a second batch. (I’ll need more jars, though.) I’m not holding my breath on that one, though.

The catch, though, is that I get kind of frenzied in making jam each summer. Bill’s forbidden to buy jam, generally, because I can make it and we have a lot.… Continue reading →