Steak Sandwich with Brandy-Glazed Mushrooms & Onions

I bet you guys thought this blog was going to turn out to be all pork, all the time for awhile, didn’t you?

Well, the truth is, I’m expecting the meat in the freezer (I’ve got more than pork in there) to last until we get back from the wedding & honeymoon, with minimal supplementation (mostly from my meat guy at Pilsen Community Market, some from the fish counter at Whole Foods). Some of that will be because we’ll eat out and I hope a lot is because we manage to eat several vegetarian meals.

This sandwich is the result of wanting to try the beef my PCM meat guy sells. He doesn’t sell much else, and as I want to be sure to do much of my shopping from the market, I imagine he’ll see some money from me from time to time.… Continue reading →