Dead blender

Okay, I think I asked this before, but maybe not. What blenders do you all have and like, love or hate?

Our stick blender, the one that couldn’t really handle frozen fruit, has recently left the building. Sadly. So, we’d like recommendations on blenders. Any kind, stick or upright. Just something that can deal with crushing ice & frozen fruits.

And now I just realized tonight’s dinner plans might go a little awry. I want to do corn chowder, but I don’t have a blender for pureeing.

Grrr.… Continue reading →

Smoothies, anyone?

No photos today, just a quick recipe & question.

It’s insanely hot here in Chicago. I just passed a paper that said we’re having record high temperatures for the month, and it’s making June feel more like August. They’re really not wrong.

In good & bad news, this is really suppressing my appetite, and Bill’s as well. Bad news, because it means less cooking & tasty food. Good news because it means less eating out & spending money.

However, we have taken on making smoothies again. This is partially to clear out the freezer of berries we froze almost a year ago. It’s already getting to berry season, and we still have old berries! Yikes! That, and our freezer is about to be very full of pork, but more on that later.… Continue reading →

My “garden”

One of the things I wanted to commit to this year was growing a little of my own food. I had these great intentions, back in December, of finding and participating in a community garden.

Then, in January, I got caught up in life, the universe and everything. And also a comunity market that’s stolen my heart (and free time) Thoughts of joining a community garden persisted, but weren’t really acted on.

Well, that didn’t change my desire to grow something for Bill & I to eat. It just limited what I could do. We’ve areas that are not impossible to grow on, but it’s a challenge. We have a small balcony & some large windowsills. The windowsills face south & east, the two best directions, I’m told.… Continue reading →