My “garden”

One of the things I wanted to commit to this year was growing a little of my own food. I had these great intentions, back in December, of finding and participating in a community garden.

Then, in January, I got caught up in life, the universe and everything. And also a comunity market that’s stolen my heart (and free time) Thoughts of joining a community garden persisted, but weren’t really acted on.

Well, that didn’t change my desire to grow something for Bill & I to eat. It just limited what I could do. We’ve areas that are not impossible to grow on, but it’s a challenge. We have a small balcony & some large windowsills. The windowsills face south & east, the two best directions, I’m told. But the entire building is often shaded by other buildings the same height or taller.

Despite all that, I decided to forge ahead. I have, so far, planted two tomato plants (a “juliet” and a “sungold” – on the recommendation of the farmer we get our CSA from), an orange bell pepper plant, two basil plants (Bill loves the basil), a chive plant & a lavender plant. Waiting in the wings is a lemon thyme plant. I probably won’t buy anything else for that tiny balcony, but no promises. I do want some edible flowers at some point.

Here’s the veggies and the lavender:

Here’s the basil & chives:

3 thoughts on “My “garden”

  1. I wish I had chives!

    The basil looks awesome and I hope all your other plants do well, because they look happy and healthy on that balcony. And you shouldn’t have a bunny problem, lucky you! Can’t wait to read a post about you eating your first homegrown tomato of the year. And let me know how the pepper plant does, because I think I want to try those next year once I graduate from green beans and tomatoes.

    • Thanks!

      I have no idea if I should have planted chives & basil in the same box. (Did I say that in the post?)

      We won’t have bunny (or squirrel) problems, thankfully, but who knows about wind & light problems. For now, we’ll see what we see.

      I’ll certainly report on the garden throughout the year!

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