Home again, home again

Jiggity jog!

Well, we got the hog. We also toured the farm (my friend Dylan & I – Bill had to work). It was fun & I’ll post a few photos later. I will say right here & now that I appreciate Jeremy of Meadow Haven’s willingness to take a solid hour out of his day and show us a goodly chunk of what they’re doing. We saw their meat chickens, laying chickens, cows and, of course, hogs.

I also appreciated his generosity in giving us a dozen eggs for each of the 7 shares of hog. A gift of 7 dozen eggs! That was lovely. And tasty.

But, for now, I want you guys to know something important. Today, I experienced VICTORY. For today I learned my freezer can, in fact, hold a whole butchered hog.

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