Visiting Dallas and then on to New Mexico

There are two things going on recently that have taken a bunch of my energy, and made April a poor month for posting. By now, I am wondering if I have any readers left. I sure hope so! I’ll keep writing even if I don’t have confirmation, though, as I think it’s good for me.

Indeed, I suspect I’d have felt less insane if I’d worked on keeping SOMETHING posted to this blog over the past month.

To be quick, the two things are that I agreed to be the market manager for a local community/farmers market in Chicago. So, starting in June, I’ll be out every Sunday running a market. That should be fun and exhausting. I look forward to that part. Right now, it entails a lot of meeting people and trying to figure out what we need to do to get it all up and running. Takes a lot of energy.

The other is that Dallas trip, I mentioned “so long ago.”:

We’ve known Bill’s company needed us to go to Dallas for a bit over a month now, and we’ve been on the edge of “leave, now” that whole time. And it turns out that saps a lot out of a person. Trying to plan what events to cancel, and what you can still attend, trying to not fill the fridge too much, in case you’re told to leave tomorrow…

I have a friend, Mark, who does a lot of this kind of travel for a living. I don’t know how the hell he and his partner, Q, manage. I’ve always been impressed with them, but this makes me that much more impressed with how they work. I now think they are rockstars to have this kind of disruption in their life (especially since I know Mark’s the cook) and still be such lovely, happy people.

Anyway, we’re in Dallas now and we plan to move on to New Mexico for a visit. We have two new nieces to meet (both our sisters have recently had a little girl), wedding plans to work on, and just plain fun to have.

I am going to try a new thing, and just document something from the trip every day. It may not be that tomorrow I write something from tomorrow. I may write something from the drive or something that we plan to do on Saturday. But I do plan to put something up.

I want to get back into the habit of writing, and that means just doing it. Even if I’m not yet also cooking.

Thanks, folks.