Two new recipe categories

Here at MetaCookbook, like many places around the web, we both tag our entries & put them into overarching categories. Today I made up two new categories, and changed the name of a third.

First, the name change. “Recipes” is now “Challenge Recipes”. As we said in the “About”: this blog came about because we are challenging ourselves to use our cookbooks. Most recipes we post/discuss will end up here.

Occasionally, I get brave and make something all on my own. Bill does this rather more often than I do, but posts rather less often. If one of us makes & posts something from our own heads, “like my asparagus-mushroom risotto,”: we’ll park it here. There are some of these recipes currently residing in “Challenge Recipes” at the time of this writing, but I expect to have them moved by the end of the weekend.

Finally, there’s the smallest recipe category. “Wedding Recipes” is where we will park recipes that will be featured at or (we hope) inspire food for our wedding. As you can imagine, food is a big deal for us as we contemplate our wedding. Every time someone suggests we list N things (n = 2, 3 or 5 usually), food is the first thing we mention. So we’ll have some few recipes to share with you that we plan to share with our guests as well.

I hope you enjoy them all.