A good read

You all know that I love Mark Bittman, the cookbook author. Or at least, I hope you do, given how much he shows up in my posts. I’ve not met him, and can’t imagine I ever will, but he’s been pretty influential on how I’m learning to cook. So it was with much delight that I stumbled upon this salon “life story”.

“How Cooking Gave Me Purpose.”:http://www.salon.com/life/life_stories/index.html?story=/food/feature/2011/05/21/mark_bittman_cooking_excerpt

Man, I identify with a lot of that. Minus the kids and going on to be a famous author and cook! But, still, it rings a bell with me, and I thought I’d share.… Continue reading →

Dallas coffee

So much for posting every day on this trip. I apologize for that. I simply didn’t anticipate GOING so much that I was only checking my email on my phone, and otherwise not touching a computer.

However, I’ve finally settled down for a bit in Dallas, and I wanted to say something about our previous and current visit here. Namely, about some of the restaurants & little spots we’ve encountered here in the DFW area. This entry will just be about coffee, as I try to formulate my thoughts on the restaurants I wanted to point people to.

So, Bill is suffering. He’s suffering mightily. Just horribly. Bill, you see, is a coffee snob. A weird one, I suspect, because he takes coffee at the brewer’s stated or implied claims.… Continue reading →

Visiting Dallas and then on to New Mexico

There are two things going on recently that have taken a bunch of my energy, and made April a poor month for posting. By now, I am wondering if I have any readers left. I sure hope so! I’ll keep writing even if I don’t have confirmation, though, as I think it’s good for me.

Indeed, I suspect I’d have felt less insane if I’d worked on keeping SOMETHING posted to this blog over the past month.

To be quick, the two things are that I agreed to be the market manager for a local community/farmers market in Chicago. So, starting in June, I’ll be out every Sunday running a market. That should be fun and exhausting. I look forward to that part. Right now, it entails a lot of meeting people and trying to figure out what we need to do to get it all up and running.… Continue reading →