Tasha’s (attempt at) Asparagus Risotto

Cover of How to Pick a Peach, by Russ Parsons

One of the first things I wanted to do upon arriving home to Chicago was find some asparagus. I love asparagus utterly, and could probably eat it until I turn into an asparagus spear.

Luckily for me, asparagus season isn’t that long.

“Asparagus season isn’t that long” was actually my biggest fear upon arriving home too. I was terrified that three weeks gone from home, and a couple weeks of not shopping prior to that meant I’d missed out completely. Which would have made me quite sad.

So, of course, it only makes utter sense that we would get in about 8:00 pm on a Friday, and I’d be prepared to go to a Saturday morning farmers’ market. Where, thankfully, I found asparagus. I also found a couple of tomato plants, an amazing tamale (that isn’t New Mexican style at all), and some eggs.… Continue reading →

A comment about Bill

So, “Pioneer Woman is giving away some nice pots & pans today”:http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/05/pots-pans-2/ and if you want them, you should go enter to win.

Today’s contest is based on the question: “Who is the best cook in your family?” I thought you might want to see my response.

“I think he’ll be along to disagree with me at some point, but in my little family of two, my guy is the better cook.

I do far more of the cooking, and am starting to tackle harder & weirder things (like throw-together risotto the other night), so I may someday surpass him. But he’s a great deal better at throwing things together, knowing what flavors meld, how to cook things and what to do.

He’s the best, and I am very lucky.”… Continue reading →