“Beyond Broccoli – A Meat Eater’s Guide to Eating Vegetarian” and “Home Cheese Making”

Okay, I mostly attended the home cheese making seminar. It was interesting, but I got the feeling that I missed most of the stuff I couldn’t just get out of a book or online while I was in the “Beyond Broccoli” seminar.

Now, here’s the deal. The Beyond Broccoli – A Meat Eater’s Guide to Eating Vegetarian workshop description was, “Learn how to prepare vegetarian meals to improve your health and tread lightly on our planet.” I don’t know why, after repeatedly having my workshops not be what I expected that day, I expected advice on how meat-eaters can better prepare vegetarian meals, but I did.

And, maybe, if I’d stayed through the entire thing, that would have eventually happened. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay.… Continue reading →