Probably no recipe this weekend

I am not a morning person. It’s kind of a struggle for me to be awake at 6:45 am, especially on a Saturday. Yet, here I am, awake and posting a quick entry to say three things.

First, I probably won’t manage a recipe entry this weekend. Bill and I have many errands to run, so we’ll probably focus on getting those errands done and some repairs around the house. Hooray for the weekends!

Second, I’m making a commitment to not use How to Cook Everything, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian and Pioneer Woman Cooks this upcoming week. I love those books, but I feel like I’ve gotten into yet another rut, and am now just cooking from them. Which is really conducive to my “using all my cookbooks” plan. So, time to shake it up a bit.

It will, as you can imagine, be a bit before you guys see the effects of my “No Bittman or PW” week. There’s a pile of recipes in that sidebar, and several of them are from those books. But, it’s coming.

Finally, I want to say Amazon has canceled it’s Illinois affiliates program as of 15 April 2011. So, we’ll continue to be affiliates through that time, but not beyond. Possibly, Amazon will close it down sooner. No way to know. No one’s purchased a book via the affiliate program so far, so this doesn’t have a lot of impact on us, but it will change “Rule 8.”: Again, most of you probably do not care about this, but since we know people like to know about affiliate status, I figured I’d through the update out there. Heck, maybe I’m wrong and you all care deeply!

Have a good weekend!