Yes, I’m still around

Jessie came over to work out with me this morning and asked me if her RSS reader was acting up, since she hadn’t seen a post from me in a few days.

Oops. And I’d done so well about posting daily too.

Simply put, the weekend was busy and fun, and unexpectedly started Friday afternoon. It ended Tuesday morning, but that was expected since Mr. Bill was off Monday. Which means that Tuesday was full of “catch up”. Luckily, I did a bunch of cooking this weekend.

Unluckily, I did a bunch of cooking this weekend.

See, our stove has the world’s weirdest problem. It doesn’t light quite as quickly as expected under normal use. That’s fine. What’s not fine is that the delay in lighting gets worse if the stove isn’t used for awhile. If I don’t use it for a weekend, there’s probably a 15 – 30 second delay between my turning the knob to “light” and the burner finally lighting. If I don’t cook for a week, we’re looking at 30 – 60 seconds. For the record, and so as to make sure no one worries for us, this isn’t a pilot light problem. It’s clearly a “gas is not flowing for some reason” problem. We are not nearly dying of gas poisoning every time we come home from a vacation.

Bill finally got a Sears stove repair man in on Tuesday morning. Which we did, in fact, know about in advance of the weekend. We just didn’t think about what that meant. So I cooked and baked for a bunch of the weekend. And then the repair man couldn’t replicate the problem.

In essence, it cost $129 to have someone come out and look at our stove so that it wouldn’t cost us anything in the future to have someone come out and look at our stove after we’ve put it in the corner and induced a temper tantrum.

Awesome. Next time the repair guy is scheduled, I’m refusing to cook in anything but the microwave and the toaster oven for a week prior.