Santa Barbara is looking much warmer than Chicago.

Which, of course, means I’m all smiles. 😀 See?

Okay, even if Santa Barbara looked just as bone-chillingly cold as Chicago, I’d still be all smiles. I’m really looking forward to the “Edible Institute” (as I mentioned here). I’m still wondering what I’ll learn and how. Basically, I can’t wait.

I leave tomorrow, since the conference starts at super-duper early on Saturday. It looks like it will go fairly late as well, so I’m contemplating snacks to take. I’m also hoping it’s not too much of a challenge to get from the conference hotel to the “food and drink gala” at the Maritime Museum, since I didn’t rent a car. I will see (but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be disappointed to miss that). I also wish the schedule were a touch more clear, since I can’t currently tell which panels are concurrent, but I’ll figure it out.

I’m going to do my best to tweet my way though the conference, so you guys can get some of the benefit of what I’m learning. We will see, based on WiFi access and time. I certainly don’t want to miss out while trying to type! Edited to add: You can also see what others are saying by searching twitter for #ei2011

So, let’s go and find out what we can, shall we?

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