Parragon Publishing’s “Vegetables” Cookbook

Cover of Parragon Publishing's Vegetables Cookbook

By now, if you read this blog but don’t know me personally, you’ve probably figured out a few things about me:

# I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables.
# I’m learning a lot.

# I have, possibly, never been the biggest fan of vegetables.

# I really like meat.

# I’ve struggled with learning to eat more vegetables for awhile.

If you know me personally, you probably knew all of this long before Bill and I started a blog together.

Number 5 is particularly true. I’ve not been a fan of vegetables for most of my life, and since I’ve been “a grown-up”, I’ve realized how important it is to eat them. However, I struggle with it, and always have.

I’m not, and may never be, one of those for whom “meat is a condiment”. I’m not sure I want to be; though maybe I “should”. I’m not going to worry about it too much, right now.

I’ve owned this book for years. I’m sure I picked it up out of a Borders or Barnes & Noble bargain bin. I’m sure I had high-minded reasons like, “I will learn to like vegetables!” I’m also sure I’ve never cooked a darn thing out of it.

Well, sometime in the next 13 years, that changes! During this challenge, at least one recipe will be made out of this book! Hopefully, many more. It’s small enough that, if it doesn’t suck, we could conceivably actually cook through the cookbook during this challenge.

I’m not going to get my hopes up.

Number of recipes in this book: 41 (Estimated)
Number we’ve made: 0

You can click the “parragon:vegetables” tag below to see all the recipes we’ve made from this book.