No cookbook or recipe today.

I’ve been fighting with an entry all day today. It’s not a recipe entry, and it’s not another one about a cookbook. It’s about food, and a few of the changes in my relationship with food. It’s basically a “thoughts” post.

The problem is that I ramble in that post. A lot. I tend to be a bit of a rambling writer anyway, as I suspect my readers know by now, but this is even larger in scope, so the rambles are all over the place. It’s all connected in my head, but it certainly doesn’t show up connected in the words. So I keep drafting and tweaking and asking for help. Angelique has helped me polish much of my writing in my life, including my M.Sc. thesis, and she’s helping with this one too.

What’s not helping is this cold I’ve got. I’m a little fuzzy headed, and a lot sleepy. I’ve got a backlog of recipes to post about, but not a backlog of written posts. So, unfortunately, on days like today I’m still trying to put it all together for you. And I realized, earlier today, that the more interesting post isn’t happening tonight. My rambles will not be forced into making sense while my head is fogged up.

So, I hope to get that one out to you tomorrow. With luck, I’ll get that one out and a recipe. We’ll see.

Thank you for your patience tonight, and possibly over the next couple of days. I hope you are all feeling well, and enjoying some fabulous meals.