Cooking with Honey from Honey Acres

Cover of Cooking with Honey from Honey Acres

Ha! You all remember “Rule #7?”: Well, apparently I will put forth some effort for you all to get my oddball cookbooks. This way, if you have 12 lbs of honey in your pantry (as I once upon a time did), you too can buy a cookbook that tells you about many ways to deal with it. For only $2.50! Why y’all haven’t yet clicked on that there cookbook cover over yonder and snapped it up, I just don’t know.

I also just don’t know how I came to possess this cookbook. I think it was from a visit to “Honeyville”: in Durango, Colorado, but I kind of imagine them having their own cookbook. And this is totally from a place in Wisconsin. However, it’s the only logical place I can consider having purchased this cookbook from. Or had it given to me.

Of course, I visited Honeyville long before I owned 12 lbs of honey. Which would be the logical time to be looking into buying a honey-themed cookbook. I suppose, looking at the prices for honey, that The Bee Folks in Maryland may have thrown in a small cookbook when I bought “a gallon (aka 12 lbs) of their amazing butterbean honey at the RenFaire.”: However, I kind of doubt that too.

All I know is I have a honey cookbook. I have a subscription to a honey newsletter coming to my spammy e-mail account, and I still found myself in a position to have to give away half of that honey when I was temporarily displaced from Chicago.

Clearly, the time has come to buy more honey. Maybe this time 60 lbs. Right, Bill?

Number of recipes in this book: 90 (Estimated)
Number we’ve made: 0

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