Cooking with GAFCCA, Volume 1

No direct link for this cookbook, folks. Not even a link to a place where you can buy it directly, since I can’t find it. In honesty, part of what stalled me out on posting books was things like this. I want you to be able to see what books I’m using, and buy them yourself if they look good to you. That’s just not doable here. I really had the wrong perspective on it. I should have quietly been pleased that a little bit the work had been removed. There just isn’t a link to give you!

Well, that’s not totally true, and “I’ll give you what I can.”: (Warning: Music on opening that link.)

This cookbook was given to me by my Aunt Mary. It is, utterly and obviously and wonderfully, one of those cookbooks organizations make to do some fund-raising. I have always loved such cookbooks, because it gives a glimpse into what people were/are cooking and why and how. It’s a little slice of culture that I’ve always loved.

Unfortunately, as with almost all cookbooks of this nature, this book is a little flimsy. It’s bound in such a way that opening it to each page is difficult. The one recipe I make out of it (and “the one my aunt gave it to me for”: has been effectively ripped out of the book, because I’ve opened the book to it so often. On top of that, the index is just a listing, in page number order, of all the recipes, making it useless as an index.

Still, I love owning this cookbook. I love knowing my aunt submitted one (or more) recipes to it, I love looking at it and seeing what’s in there. I love just realizing now that I might be able to find the “breakfast casserole” my friend Jen asked me to find in there. I love feeling directly connected to the book.

Number of recipes in this book: 179 (Estimated)
Number we’ve made: 1

You can click the “gafcca” link below to see all the recipes we’ve made from this book.