We’re back! Just in time for the year’s end.

Hello, all! Just a quick note here before I (hopefully) start bombarding your RSS readers with posts.

As you can see, there’s a pile of recipes in the queue. I apologize for not getting more of them up sooner, but I’m on to tackling them now. Upon our return from New Mexico, I fell ill basically until the holidays hit. So the holidays were spent being happy and merry, respectively, and yesterday was spent getting the house back in order after traveling, being ill, and being happy and merry.

We have barely cooked upon our return. We cooked a boneless rib roast and mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner, and Bill stepped into the kitchen yesterday to turn the leftovers into a tasty meal. I am incredibly lucky to have such a good cook living with me. Only bad thing about his meal? It was totally from his head, and didn’t get us any closer to the end of the challenge. Luckily, the potatoes & roast count.

Anyway, that’s about it for this little note. I’m off to tell you guys about cooking salmon and glazing it with orange. I don’t know what’s after that.