Not much to say today

Hi guys,

I’m a bit out of it today, and so I don’t really think I’ll get a full recipe entry up today. I did manage to cook dinner from a cookbook, though, so that’s exciting. Pumpkin tureen soup! Hooray!

I’ll get back on track tomorrow, promise. With tonight’s recipe we have about six queued recipes, and more to come. Tomorrow we’ll be eating dinner out (though we don’t know what yet), as we’re having a cheap date at a local place for a champagne tasting. The timing is such that we can’t get home for dinner, then go out for the tasting. So, that’s exciting.

Since I am do feel bad about not giving you a recipe tonight, lemme tell you what’s on this week’s menu (through Monday). You know tomorrow. Thursday we’ll have broccoli and tofu in spicy peanut sauce (over rice). Friday is “Italian-Style” pot roast. Saturday is tortilla beef cassarole. Sunday is Lasagne (Classic Italian-American Style). And Monday we’ll eat Pioneer Woman’s chili and cornbread (two recipes! Woo!).

So, that’s a lot, but it will hopefully all be tasty. And, in the middle, champagne! That can’t be beat.