My brain is full

I am about 100% sure of one thing: everyone who reads this blog knows me personally. I admit I could be wrong, but I’d be shocked as hell.

So, since I’m so confident that only people who know me read, I can be confident that it surprises no one to hear I went to “State of the Plate 2010”: today. It is, as you can imagine, something I was extremely interested in. And it’s fairly close to where I live (as is so is all of CTA-accessible Chicagoland), so I had to attend.

I live tweeted as much as I could, but my comments may or may not have been as insightful as the others tweeting the experince. Namely, others tweeted more quotes and comments, so maybe I was more boring. That said, I think my scientific training and Bill’s cynicism rubbed off on me, and my comments tend to be more questioning of comments and motivations. But only tend to be.

Now I’m at Goose Island, Clyborn trying to parse it all out. I won’t succeed tonight. There was a lot to take in. Expect posts in the future about the conference specifically and things I was motivated to look up because of it.

Much of what I’ll post about, regarding this one-day conference, will come from the notes I made, the tweets I tweeted and the tweets others tweeted. I sincerely hope it will be interesting to everyone, though I suspect many will not agree with the premises of the post(s). I’m not always sure I will. But it’s definitely a topic worth thinking about. If only because THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT is always worth at least considering long enough to dismiss it, and is occasionally worth considering beyond that.