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I have to admit, for someone who enjoys cooking, I am spectacularly bad at lunch. Specifically, lunch for myself, here, at home. It’s true that I’m bad at lunch when Bill’s here too, but even that one extra person is a lot easier to cook for than just me.

I don’t end up eating so much as nibbling and grazing through the day most days. I have a middling to decent breakfast, nibble and graze my way until dinner, where I tend to have something good that I’ve cooked. What this results in are days when I grossly over-consume and days when I nearly forget to eat entirely. On another axis, I have days where I eat pretty well (say, days when there’s a bag of clementines around) and days when I eat horrible (the days I bake with Grace are usually days I end up eating almost nothing but cookies between breakfast and dinner).

What I need is suggestions for what you do for lunch, especially those who work at home or who are students and have lots of time at home, or what have you. I do, as you can imagine, often eat leftovers. However, I try to avoid making leftovers as much as possible, unless it’s intentional. With this challenge, we generate a lot of leftovers and eating them forever can be a trial. I also freeze a lot of them for easy meals later, on days we want to eat in, but don’t want to cook. (Yes, Michelle, that happens. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.)

So, what do you do for lunch at home?

2 thoughts on “Lunch at home

  1. Lunch at home is a rare event for me, because I tend to graze as well. When I manage a true “meal”, it’s along the lines of a bagel and a bowl of Progresso soup. Or a bowl of peas.

    • I’ve been looking at canned soups and wondering, to be honest. I don’t really have many on hand, but we have a few in case of some power failures when we don’t want to open the fridge or freezer.

      I’ll have leftover pizza for lunch today (alas, not the pizza listed in the side-bar), but day to day is tough for me.

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