Experiment time!

Well. So.

The bread dough did seem to be sort of growing a little bit by the time the 2h rise was up, but not at any real pace. I didn’t have enough time to make new dough & let rise, or to change the environment and restart the 2h rise, and punch down, rise again, bake before our plans yesterday. That was what super bummed me.

So I did what any sane and curious person would do. I left it alone.

By this morning, it had definitely risen a goodly amount. I didn’t have time to do anything with it before my piano lesson, and then after I debated. Curiosity won out, as usual.

The dough has been punched down, and is waiting 15 more minutes in the warmest spot I could think of. Well, until I typed this. Now I’m considering putting it near the dryer with a towel over it for those 15 minutes. Yeah, I’m going to do that. Warmer and more humid. Then I’m going to shape it and let it rise in a warm oven for an hour (since I’m pretty convinced the lack of rise yesterday was entirely temperature). Once all that’s done, I’ll bake it and report back tomorrow or Saturday.

Basically, I’m just going to follow the recipe as if the 2h rise was an overnight rise. We’ll see what disaster (or not) befalls us.

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