Lunch at home

I have to admit, for someone who enjoys cooking, I am spectacularly bad at lunch. Specifically, lunch for myself, here, at home. It’s true that I’m bad at lunch when Bill’s here too, but even that one extra person is a lot easier to cook for than just me.

I don’t end up eating so much as nibbling and grazing through the day most days. I have a middling to decent breakfast, nibble and graze my way until dinner, where I tend to have something good that I’ve cooked. What this results in are days when I grossly over-consume and days when I nearly forget to eat entirely. On another axis, I have days where I eat pretty well (say, days when there’s a bag of clementines around) and days when I eat horrible (the days I bake with Grace are usually days I end up eating almost nothing but cookies between breakfast and dinner).… Continue reading →