[61] Sandwich Bread, Five Ways, Version 1

How to Cook Everything, Revised Edition by Mark Bittman

Well, we’ve discussed this bread a couple of times previously. First because the dough seemed to utterly fail to rise. Time took care of that. Then, since time took care of that, Bill and I decided to give it a go. This was despite the fact that the top of the dough had dried out quite a bit during the rise.

So, with all of that in mind, I’m going to launch straight into the recipe, and skip over the typically longer pre-recipe banter. Of course, there will still be cooking and consumption notes after the recipe. Also, as a note, I have and use a stand mixer for this, so those are the directions I’ll give. Looking at it, it appears Bittman prefers a food processor for this, but I <3 my stand mixer.… Continue reading →

Help me decide on cookies.

Grace would like to make cookies again on Wednesday, and she’d like them to be something other than the maple cookies we made before (tell me I posted that recipe, please).

I may fall back to a basic chocolate chip recipe, but I’d kind of like to do something really new. Any requests for something you all would like to see here?

Also, anyone know a good proscuitto recipe in the cookbooks we’ve got up so far? I’d really like to eat some, but I’d feel a bit gluttonous if I just bought half a pound and ate it straight.… Continue reading →