Lunch at home

I have to admit, for someone who enjoys cooking, I am spectacularly bad at lunch. Specifically, lunch for myself, here, at home. It’s true that I’m bad at lunch when Bill’s here too, but even that one extra person is a lot easier to cook for than just me.

I don’t end up eating so much as nibbling and grazing through the day most days. I have a middling to decent breakfast, nibble and graze my way until dinner, where I tend to have something good that I’ve cooked. What this results in are days when I grossly over-consume and days when I nearly forget to eat entirely. On another axis, I have days where I eat pretty well (say, days when there’s a bag of clementines around) and days when I eat horrible (the days I bake with Grace are usually days I end up eating almost nothing but cookies between breakfast and dinner).… Continue reading →

A few Thanksgiving photos.

Hello, all!

I figured that as we’re looking at the tale-end of the Thanksgiving weekend, I’d skip ahead a little bit and share a photo or two of what we were eating on Thursday.

Sadly, digging through my photos, I don’t have as many photos of the whole process as I thought I did. So as I post the recipes, there may be some recipes that are sparse on the photos. I apologize for that.

Anyway! On to the photos.

Grace & Young told us that these ribs are a popular party dish in Korea, though they are modified from an older party dish. The thinner ribs are part of the newer recipe. They’re called LA Ribs (LA something Ribs?) because Koreans who lived here in the US brought home these modifications.… Continue reading →


Guys! I can’t find the card reader to post photos! ARGH!

I’ll keep looking for it, but it means photos probably won’t go up today. I apologize for that. It seems that when we cleaned up for Thanksgiving we cleaned up a little too well.

We have company in about an hour and a half or so. If we don’t find it by then, the search will have to be postponed until tomorrow.

Thanks all! I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend.… Continue reading →

Photos of Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Short post, mostly to check in. Today’s been a lazy, happy day for me. Poor Bill had to work. First he had to work at work, then when he was done with work, one of his co-workers drafted him to work on her mother’s computer for several hours.

But her mother brought some delicious cookies, so it was okay.

I’m going to go wander off and stuff myself on leftovers with him now. I hope you have a good evening, and I’ll be back with the posting later.… Continue reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

There’s a giant turkey coming to room temperature on my counter. In about half an hour I’ll put a baggie full of ice on it’s breast.

There are two pies looking (mostly) gorgeous on my sidebar and a lobster jello mold full of of (not very gelled) cranberry sauce. There’s less than perfect mashed potatoes in my fridge, but they’re quite pretty (our CSA gives us pink potatoes!). There’s also roll dough in the fridge to be rolled out and shaped (“and dunked in butter, apparently”:

All that’s left for this household is sweet potatoes (some preparation; I may change my mind at the last minute, depending on the mashed potatoes), making the dough into rolls and roasting a turkey. I think. Oh, and cooking up some brussels sprouts.… Continue reading →