The Complete Book of Cookies

The Complete Book of Cookies, edited by Deborah Grey

This is the other book in the set of two given to me by Kevin, Suzie and their children. I also love this book, mostly due to the family that gifted it to me, but partially also because it feeds what Angelique calls my “hereditary cookie madness.”

See, I know I’ve mentioned before that my sister recently got married. What I only touched on, though, was the cookie baking this entails. And I’m not going to go into much depth here, but suffice it to say that weddings in my family generally include a LOT of cookies. See, our Grandmother B. is Italian, and there’s a tradition of having a cookie cake at Italian weddings. Or at least at that set of Italian weddings. So we get cookies too. And it’s not a small cake either. My sister’s wedding involved about 900 cookies. My wedding to my ex-husband involved about 2,500 cookies.

And yet, I still love cookies. Not just eating cookies, but baking them! Rolling cookies out and cutting them with cookie cutters! Decorating cookies and pretending I’m good at it! Thus, this book was a wonderful gift, and I cherish it deeply.

Number of recipes in the book: 425
Number we’ve cooked: 2

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