My feet are going to fall off.

Bill’s mother arrived Wednesday night, and we’ve been basically running around non-stop since she arrived. I’m not entirely convinced I won’t be walking on stubs by the time she leaves tomorrow afternoon.

Basically, we haven’t been home from about 9:00 am everyday until about 11:00 pm every night. In the interium, we’ve done a lot of cool stuff. Wednesday we took her to “Xoco,”: which everyone knows is Bill’s favorite. She said it was the best sandwich she’d ever eaten, so well done there, Mr. Bayless & Company.

Thursday I had a piano lesson, and then joined them for wandering Mag Mile. After lunch (Elephant and Castle on Lake & Wabash), we went to the Art Institute and nearly closed the place down. Then we ate at Uno, and wandered Mag Mile some more. Friday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry1 in the afternoon. I honestly cannot remember the morning. It’s a blur. Yesterday, I went to Green City Market to see the chef from “Inovasi”: do the chef demo. I found him through “his blog”:, and really wanted to meet that person and see what the food was like (his farmers’ market soup, at least, is out of this world). After the market, we wandered that area running errands and such all day. Then Rosa wanted to go back to Xoco, so off we went. It was still her favorite sandwich ever.

Today we’re going to try to go to the aquarium. And possibly watch some marathoners, but that seems less likely (given it’s almost 9:00 am). There’ve been some rumblings about the Field Museum, so we might hit that too. Tomorrow, we ascend to the Sears Tower Sky Deck.

fn1. The smart home exhibit is both nifty and infuriating. You should check it out if you haven’t already.