Not my day in the kitchen.

Today’s been a long day, you guys. My kitchen’s a mess. Which, on the one hand, is good because it means I’ve been DOING THINGS! On the other hand, though, it means a lot of cleaning.

Thus, I’m glad to soon be leaving the kitchen to go play games with Bill and some of his co-workers. Not that I don’t enjoy cooking, but today I’ve dropped things, spilled things, forgotten ingredients and so forth. It’s not been an easy day in my kitchen.

However, all that said, I did want to send out a “hello”. A quick list of some recipes you’ll be seeing posts about soon: banana bread, turnip greens, chocolate cake, potato and bean gratin, brussels sprouts with bacon, port-braised onions and stuffed mushrooms (the last two you already knew about, but still haven’t seen).… Continue reading →

[52] “Mom’s” Pumpkin Bread

Have you ever had “that recipe”? You know the one. The one you make for any potluck, any occasion and gets just rave reviews? The one that you’re very proud of and know you make excellently? The one where you never volunteer the recipe? This is that recipe for me.

A couple of you already have this recipe, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to some hesitation about sharing this recipe at large. I don’t like the idea of losing the specialness of “that recipe” once everyone can make it. I have heard that happens to some people. But, really, why not share it? And for those who are wondering, yes, it’s in a cookbook I own, so it’s sort of accessible. Sort of, because…

There’s no cookbook link for this recipe, as it’s one of those fund-raising cookbooks (like the Pie Town pie cookbook).… Continue reading →