The Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving.

Cover of The Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving by Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard

This is the other book I bought for canning fairly recently (where recent is before 1 June 2010). I bought it at the same time I got the “Ball Book of Home Preserving”: because I knew I wanted this one as well.

My friend Corrine and her husband Dave own this book. My understanding is that it was a gift to Dave a few years ago, but that Corrine uses it more often than Dave does. It’s where we got the “Fuzzy Navel” jam recipe (though the authors don’t call it that). I’ll be making that one again, for sure. Possibly not until next peach season, but it’s going to happen.

This book focuses on preserving for the home as well, but on a much smaller scale than the Ball book. Honestly, I think that’s probably good for me and for anyone else just starting canning, but I know I want to bite off a lot more. It’s part of why I got the Ball book when I got this one. I was basically hoping to use this one and graduate to that one. As you can see, at the time of this writing (24 September 2010), it went the other way. I’ve made two recipes from the Ball book and none from this one.

That’s okay. Like the Ball book, I have every intention of using this winter to make plans for what I’m going to make and when. Lists of equipment and ingredients are going to be made while drinking hot chocolate and daydreaming of summer. I’m in Chicago, after all. I’ll have plenty of summer-time lust come mid-January.

Number of recipes in the book: 300
Number we’ve cooked: 0

You can click the “small batch preserving” tag on this entry to see everything we’ve preserved out of this book.

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  1. My sister sent the book for Dave for Christmas when she heard about me teaching him to can the awesome spaghetti sauce we made the first summer we were married. We still do it each time we run out of sauce. He’s never canned anything else, ever.

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