Slow Cooker Peach Compote

My final act of peach food making was to make a buttload of peach compote to eat and freeze.

I had this crazy idea, the other day, that we’d have pancakes with peach compote on top. Only, we got up fairly late and I had somewhere to be at 2:00 pm. In and of itself, this isn’t necessarily an issue, but pancakes take a long time at our house and we had already planned to grab lunch together near my 2:00 pm commitment. So, instead we each had a fast bowl of cereal while the slow cooker did it’s thing.

The recipe for this compote is “here.”:

We actually tripled the recipe, based on the number (14) of peaches we had ripe (where “ripe” = I thought they were ripe and some proved me wrong because they were naughty peaches). The recipe calls for 3 – 4 large peaches, so we could have quadrupled it, but tripling seemed plenty. The only other change I made was to substitute peach brandy for a portion of the plain brandy, “since I had it on hand.”: We cooked the recipe on high in our 6 qt slow cooker for 90 minutes.

I think that substitution was a good one, and that it somewhat amped up the overall peach flavor without being too strong. The substitution was a 1:2 substitution; so for our quadrupled recipe, we needed a total of 3/4 c booze. So I put in 1/2 c of plain brandy and 1/4 c peach brandy.

It was very delicious on our oatmeal the next day, and the day after that. Today I’m going to toss it in the freezer, possibly to use on the french toast recipe I linked above. She suggests eating it on ice cream. I think she might be brilliant.