[38] Butter and Tomato Sauce

Cover of The Complete Book of Italian Cooking, edited by Anne Hildyard

Confession time: I picked this recipe after the tomatoes were already peeled and seeded.

I had been trying to find a recipe for a tomato sauce that used fresh tomatoes, preferably one that could easily be frozen or canned. Mostly, though, I’d been trying via a new website I’m a member of called “Eat Your Books”:http://www.eatyourbooks.com/ and not having any real luck.

Eat Your Books is pretty awesome in a lot of ways, but most of my cookbooks are not yet indexed on the site. So when I do a search, I end up with a lot of suggestions for recipes out of the two Bittman books I have. Of course, I love my two Bittman books, but I already look to them fairly often if I don’t know what to do.… Continue reading →

Slow Cooker Peach Compote

My final act of peach food making was to make a buttload of peach compote to eat and freeze.

I had this crazy idea, the other day, that we’d have pancakes with peach compote on top. Only, we got up fairly late and I had somewhere to be at 2:00 pm. In and of itself, this isn’t necessarily an issue, but pancakes take a long time at our house and we had already planned to grab lunch together near my 2:00 pm commitment. So, instead we each had a fast bowl of cereal while the slow cooker did it’s thing.

The recipe for this compote is “here.”:http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2008/07/crockpot-peach-compote-recipe.html

We actually tripled the recipe, based on the number (14) of peaches we had ripe (where “ripe” = I thought they were ripe and some proved me wrong because they were naughty peaches).… Continue reading →