[35] Blueberry Pie (pg 132)

The awesome thing about being the pie boss? You get to pick the pies for the day!

Blueberry is probably my second favorite kind of pie, so it definitely made the list of pies to make for the rehearsal dinner. I also chose it because of the simplicity of the recipe (yes, that’ll be a running theme), and the fact that I suspect many people like blueberry pie.

You guys have to understand. I was making pie for a bunch of people, some of whom I barely knew. Then there was the groom’s family!

Okay, I’m just joshing. I know most of my own family fairly well, but not their pie preferences, oddly enough. Of the groom’s family, I mostly knew him. I’d met his mother and brother once each, and we did not discuss pie amongst the three of us (a tragic failing of our conversation, I can see now).… Continue reading →

[34] Apple Pie (pg 151)

NOTE: Because so many recipes in this cookbook have the same name, I will use page numbers to direct you to which pie recipe I am referring to, so when you have your own Pie Town pie cookbook (which you really should get), you can see exactly the recipe in question.

So, on the heels of making enough crusts for five double-crust pies, we actually had to make the guts to fill ’em!

The first one on the list ended up being apple. I had a vague sense that the groom liked apple foods (but he’s not a big dessert guy, in general). Furthermore, apples are typically easy to get your hands on, and many people like apple pie.

Really, though? The decision making factor ended up being, “What in this cookbook looks easy to make with few ingredients?”… Continue reading →

[33] Pie Crusts (Ten Crust Variation)

I almost forgot that I’d made this recipe!

I didn’t expect to cook anything that would end up contributing to this blog while in New Mexico for my sisters’ wedding. I knew I wanted to offer to make some desserts for her rehearsal dinner, but I wasn’t sure it would be anyone’s thing.

My sister & her husband are full of awesome, just for the record. You’re probably wondering why in the world I would have even considered offering to make desserts. It’s because our mother was doing all the cooking for a BBQ pool party rehearsal dinner at our Uncle/Aunt/Grandmother/Cousin’s house. Super fun, and low-stress. I love that about them.

This was also a wonderful bonding experience for my father & I, but I’ll get more into that below, in the “cooking notes”.… Continue reading →