[32] Berry Jam

Cover of Ball's Complete Book of Home Canning and Preserving

I’ll be honest, there’s not a ton to say here. This is the second of the three jam recipes Bill and I made the other day (before our trip to New Mexico). The third recipe will be posted too, but (sadly) it doesn’t count against our total. It didn’t come from a cookbook.

Anyway, my goal here was to make raspberry jam for Bill (not “raspberry ham”, as I originally typed). I am really not a big fan of raspberries, generally, but he is. Since we’re getting to a stage in our life where it’s unlikely we’ll ever buy jam again, I wanted to make sure he didn’t miss out on his favorite jam. Corrine had already helped with this some, by leaving a couple of jars of raspberry jam for him on her way home from the Great Frozen North, but those two jars will go quickly.… Continue reading →

[31] Blueberry Lime Jam

Cover of Ball's Complete Book of Home Canning and Preserving

Slowly, but surely, I’m working through the queue of recipes I built up before my sister’s wedding (and the one or two I made there, and the one or two I’ve made since I’ve been home).

Really, the cooking part of this exercise is going a lot better than the posting. The posting is vital, though, as it’s a big motivator to keep up with the challenge. And, honestly, we’ve been behind on the posting for long enough that I do get the feeling that if we just put the oomph into catching up, the posting will be a lot more fun and stay basically caught up. The real challenge is on the days when we manage to make multiple recipes at once.

The day we made this jam was one of those days.… Continue reading →