Still moving, but a little look into our non-food lives

I just want to say that for a couple who doesn’t own a car, we have a ridiculous number of tie-downs.

I haven’t owned a car since early roughly April of 2007. Bill has owned a car much more recently, having just sold his to our friend Steve last month. That said, he hasn’t really had access to his car since he moved to Chicago in late 2009. The car decided to stay in New Mexico until it could find a new owner that didn’t live in the frozen north.

You are probably thinking, then, that the tie-downs are just a remnant of Bill’s car-owning life. After all, it has been less than a year since he was a regular driver (and of a station wagon with a luggage rack, at that). Unfortunately, I cannot blame this all on him. Some of these tie-downs are mine. Purchased in 2008.

We will keep the tie-downs, because we do have memberships to iGo & Zipcar (car-sharing companies), and we occasionally need to haul large objects. That is, actually, how I came to purchase tie-downs long after I didn’t own a car. I was buying a desk from IKEA with Bill, and we had to purchase some tie-downs from IKEA to get it to fit in the rental car (an Impala, for those of you who know how Bill feels about Impalas).

Anyway, the house is very slowly coming together. Our beloved cookbooks do not yet have a home, but I believe I’m having some ideas for temporary storage, as we try to figure out the best place for them to live. I’m going to try to get one of the queued recipes from the old place posted by midnight CDT. If I can find the cookbook it came out of.

Hope all is well. We promise to be back with you shortly.