Bayless’s recipe this week.

Cover of Fiesta at Rick's by Rick Bayless

“Proc 4 grlc,6T ancho,4t sugr&peppr,5t salt,1t oreg,½t cumin.Rub 4 slb ribs;ovrnite.Bake 300 75 min.Blend:7oz chiptles&3/4c honey.Grill;glaze”

Okay, if you count what’s between the quotation marks, you’ll find that it’s 140 characters long. Obviously, there’s enough there to get a sense of what is supposed to be going on, but is there actually enough there for a total beginner at grilling and ribs to make dinner? And, given the quantity of baby back ribs there, is there enough going on that a total beginner can make it for dinner WITH COMPANY?

Somehow, I suspect that wasn’t entirely Rick Bayless’s intent, but I do hope he gives some points for optimism. However, given the cookbook giveaway is for “Fiesta at Rick’s”, maybe it was his intent, and I played right into his sneaky hands!… Continue reading →