Quick! Should we enter to win? (Rules Question.)

Cover of Fiesta at Rick's by Rick Bayless

So, our beloved Angelique has been singing the praises of Rick Bayless and his cookbooks for about a month now. Oddly coincident with our adventures in cookbooks, I have to say…

Anyway, everything she’s made from his books has sounded wonderful, and I am vaguely sad that I did not discover his books until after this challenge began. Especially because I’d had one delicious soup (caldo) from his restaurant, “Xoco”:http://www.rickbayless.com/restaurants/xoco.html (the pork belly caldo) prior to this challenge beginning. And then on the 3rd of July I had an amazing goat sandwich (torta). (Also, he happened to be in the restaurant kitchen, briefly. He looks very attractive with his greying goatee. Bill is for candid shots only. With his cell phone. They were only so good. But, apparently, better than the time the two of them collided with one another at Xoco (okay, he didn’t really take photos of that). Bill really likes that place1.)

Bayless just posted the following tweet, “Want 2 win a personalized, signed copy of my new cookbook Fiesta at Rick’s? Details here: “

The gist of the link is that he’s giving away copies of his “Fiesta at Rick’s” cookbook once a week for some amount of time. The way to enter is to cook & photograph a recipe he posts on twitter, then post the photograph.

We’ve already said we can’t buy new cookbooks, but that we would accept gifts. I will most likely try to make the recipe no matter what, because the challenge of cooking a 140 character recipe is most appealing. But should I follow through and enter to win?

(Bill, you can answer here too, since I just posted this and didn’t consult you at all.)

fn1. I abuse parentheses and commas. It’s a way of life for the English language.

One thought on “Quick! Should we enter to win? (Rules Question.)

  1. What good reason could you possibly have for NOT entering? You’re not breaking any rules and you just said you’d probably make the food anyway, contest or no. You’d be crazy not to try for it!

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