The Super Smoothies Deck – DONATED

Cover of The Super Smoothies Deck

The image at right links to the Amazon Kindle version of this “book”. The physical deck appears to be out of print.

This set of smoothie cards is not going to see any play for at least a month, I am sad to say. Bill and I don’t own a blender. Well, we own an immersion blender that Angelique, Marty and Mike were kind enough to give me a long time ago, but that’s not going to cut it for these smoothies.

Frankly, that’s kind of a bummer, because some of these recipes look delicious! Of course, the ones that look most delicious are going to require me to ask my cousin A.J. to cover the eyes of our dear grandmother, because the best looking ones have names like Libido Lifter and Honeymooner’s Tonic. Well, not ALL the best looking ones. There’s one in there that looks super delicious, but none of you better get any ideas when I finally make it. It’s called Morning Sickness Solution.

Now, some of you who are reading this might have read our “Rules”: page, which explicitly states that drinks are not part of this challenge, and you’re wondering why smoothies count. We decided smoothies count because they aren’t so much a drink as they are a meal replacement. Feel free to comment on this.

Number of recipes: 50 (from the front)
Number we’ve made: 0

You can click the “super smoothies” tag below to see all the recipes we’ve made from this deck.

15 Oct 2012 Edit: I donated this deck to a thrift store a couple of months ago. We simply never had the ingredients on hand for any given smoothie, and we were making good enough ones by winging it that it didn’t seem reasonable to buy things just to make these smoothies. So, off to someone who will love it more than we did. And now I don’t have to worry about scandalizing anyone or fielding awkward questions. At least due to smoothies…