The Recipe Deck: Quick & Easy

Cover of The Recipe Deck: Quick and Easy

Okay, this one definitely entered this relationship with me. Where did I get it? Did I purchase it or was it given to me?

I really just don’t know. However, it’s ours now, and so into the “books” pile it goes.

I like it, in concept. One card, one recipe, one huge and gorgeous photo on the front. What’s not to like? And with recipe names like Peaches & Berries in Toffee or Tuna & Golden Onions it’s hard not to think this could go well for us.

Also, the Mediterranean Spinach photo makes me drool.

Number of recipes: 52 (from the outside of the box)
Number we’ve made: 0

You can find all the recipes we’ve made from this deck by clicking the “Quick & Easy Deck” tag below.