The Everything Thai Cookbook by Jennifer Malott Kotylo

Cover of The Everything Thai Cookbook by Jennifer Malott Kotylo

Wasn’t Bill just beginning to wonder if he owned any cookbooks coming into this relationship? Is it a trick answer if I say, “yes”, but the first one discussed was given explicitly to him, but after we started dating?

I’ll leave that question to the philosophers.

Either way, while this cookbook is definitely “ours” now, it started out as his. Joe & Patty, if you’re reading this, he was SUPER thrilled to get it (and the tequila that came with it). I think, though I can’t swear to it, he even has cooked a thing or two out of it. Though he hasn’t since I got back from Kenya.

This could well be because we’re eating out a lot. Or because I’m a little shy regarding spicy foods (though they are growing on me). Or because I really hate cilantro (which is not growing on me). However, the back says it has a recipe for Pumpkin Custard, and you can bet I’ll be asking him to make that around harvest time! I will try almost anything pumpkin. Except once, long ago, I was unable to try Angelique and Marty’s home-brewed pumpkin beer. That was a tragedy.

Anyway, thai food! That’s fabulous. Also, Fresh Oranges in Rose Water? You can bet we’re trying that one too at some point. It just sounds so very odd.

Number of recipes: 300 (says the cover)
Number we’ve made: 0

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