Pics or it didn’t happen!

What good is a food-themed blog without pictures? Heck, what good is just about any blog without pictures?

We know, and there are actually photos coming for the griddle cakes, and the lemon-butter sauce. However, we’re still figuring out how to make this software go (and how to work our cameras), so it’s a little touch and go at the moment. Soon there will be photos with each entry, though.

Now I have to go back to debating a salmon dish or a soup for dinner. Any votes, oh internet who hasn’t found us yet?

One thought on “Pics or it didn’t happen!

  1. Am I your first stalker – I mean, follower? I think I am! Yay! I get FIRST firsts!

    Oh, and soup. Soup is always good. (But I’m not much of a salmon fan, so I might be a bit biased.)

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