Cook Once Eat Twice

Cook Once Eat Twice Recipes

Interestingly, this isn’t the only “Cook Once Eat Twice”. We actually expected to be getting Cook Once, Eat Twice Slow Cooker Recipes, published in 2006. Instead we received the book linked above, Cook Once Eat Twice Recipes (Favorite Brand Name Recipes). Whups! That was our fault in not buying the right book, not Amazon’s fault in sending us the wrong thing. We didn’t know about this mixup until we started to write this blog entry. Angelique, if you’re reading this, now you know what Natasha’s confusion about the book is 🙂

However, now that we have it, well, we’ve got to cook from it! This book (and presumably the one we expected) is about cooking a big meal, then turning the leftovers into another meal. Slow cookers will be involved. If we had managed the Better Homes and Gardens version it would be all slow cookers all the time.

Also, we both accidentally refer to it as “Cook Twice Eat Once” frequently, which would be a different book all together! If you see anything tagged that, well, you know what we mean.

Number of recipes in this book: 60 (estimated) (this counts each pair of recipes as two, not one)
Number we’ve cooked: 2

You can click on the “cook once eat twice” tag below to see the recipes we’ve made from this book.