Asian Cook by Terry Tan – GIFTED

Cover to Asian Cook by Terry Tan (unknown edition)

I think I got this book at Williams-Sonoma, but I’m not sure. It might have been a similar place (a small business in Santa Fe or Los Alamos, if not WS). All I recall is that I rarely bought things at that store, but loved to look. So when I saw this book marked down to $8.00, and filled with gorgeous photos of food I really wanted to eat, I snapped it up.

I haven’t since managed to cook out of it. It’s a little challenging at places, because it has normal pages, as well as pages that fold out (I’m always a touch concerned about tearing them). Furthermore, I don’t have the equipment for a lot of it.

Oh, but I want it. This book really breaks it down and talks about various styles of cooking in Asia, and the tools needed and the techniques used. In truth, this is an extremely educational book, even just to read. And read it, I have. Now all I have to do is cook from it, and with a challenge like this, it’s highly likely to happen.

Mmm…. Curry. Naan. Sushi. I want it all. I’m trying, as I type this, to talk Bill into buying some equipment this book talks about.

Note: I have a different edition of the book than the one Amazon is selling (and thus is showing up with this entry). [Note from Bill]The one we have is the “spiral-bound” edition that may be for sale used on there. It’s a clever binding, and the covers seem to be coated so that kitchen junk won’t get on them, but you can’t find it new anymore. Dang. [/Note]

Number of recipes in this book: 60 (estimated)
Number we’ve cooked: 1

You can click on the “asian cook” tag below to see the recipes we’ve made from this book.

15 Oct 2012 Edit: We cooked one recipe from this book. Simmered Tofu. It was delicious. However, we gave it to a friend who would love it even more than we did that same night. We realized we were never going to buy the equipment so many recipes called for, and thus never use the book. As this entire project started because we didn’t use our cookbooks, it was time to let this one go. I expect Linda will enjoy the hell out of it.