[4] Orange & Sesame Dressing

Enchanted Broccoli Forest

It turns out, for those who were waiting with bated breath, that the correct answer was neither salmon nor soup. It was salad.

Bill and I realized that we would rather go to the store to pick out side-dishes and such together than for me to just head out midday and do it alone. So, back to the drawing board to determine what we were having for dinner. Given we had a giant pile of lettuce, I decided our best bet was a salad. Unfortunately, all the salad recipes we have in the books call for ingredients we didn’t have, which was basically useless.

Luckily, in digging through The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, I found a whole section on salad dressings. I have to admit, that was the point at which I said, “A recipe! Fine, dressing it is for tonight’s recipe.”

So we had mystery lettuce (we still don’t know which lettuce was which in our CSA share), carrots and asparagus shavings topped with Orange & Sesame Dressing, and we hit recipe number four. Only 2,508 to go.

Orange and Sesame Dressing



Combine everything in an airtight container (like the jar she suggests) and shake it all up but good! Make it look super uniform. Then refrigerate it, and make sure to shake it up like a crazy person again before serving it. Try not to spill it all over the counter and then drop your lens cap in it like I did, though.

Consumption notes

This dressing was dull. We are unlikely to finish it, despite it making nearly two cups of dressing. It has almost no orange flavor, and the sesame flavor dominates. It’s not overpowering (that would make it less dull, though probably more unpalatable), but it’s the only flavor to speak of. Retaining the dill weed would certainly have given it an extra flavor, but I’m not convinced it would have been the magic bullet to pull it all together.

Bill and I each had the dressing once or twice more for lunches. Since then, it’s been sitting in the fridge. I suspect it will sit there until we give up on it.