[19]Everyday Pancakes

Cover of How to Cook Everything, Revised Edition by Mark Bittman

Pancakes are a bit of work in this house, as we mentioned in “our very first recipe entry”:http://www.metacookbook.com/archives/6-1-Whole-Grain-Griddle-Cakes.html. However, this recipe might fix that. I’m thrilled with it, actually. Not because it tastes amazing, though it is quite tasty, but because it definitely makes pancakes a lot less work.

And this house desperately needs that. A griddle of some sort would make pancakes considerably less work. We’ll take any griddle recommendations you guys have.

Finally, Bill was the photographer of the hour. So enjoy the photos of this (and the bacon recipe previously posted) that he took and figured out how to put into the blog. At this point, we’re going to slowly go back and edit previous entries to add photos (as we figure out how to get the photos converted, resized, etc).… Continue reading →