[14] The Best Scrambled Eggs (So says Mark Bittman)

Cover if How to Cook Everything, Revised Edition, by Mark Bittman

Really? THE best? That’s a pretty strong claim, Mr. Bittman. However, I must say, the idea of having the best scrambled eggs ever is super appealing, especially when you point out that they take so long to cook that they’re great for dinners.

So, that’s what we had for dinner last night. Mr. Bittman’s scrambled eggs. Which were certainly better than my personal scrambled egg “recipe” which involves no specific recipe at all, but they did cause Jessie to miss her bus. Luckily Bill is an awesome guy and walked her home. Unluckily, I could not join them, because we didn’t know when, exactly, our CSA share was supposed to arrive. Further unluckily? It didn’t arrive until after Bill got back, so I could have joined them after all.… Continue reading →