An Unexpected Travel Frenzy Lead to Onion Soup… Sorta

I was in town for only a week between trips just now. While Bill and I travel often, this sort of thing is much more commonly his domain than mine. In fact, he’s nearly in the same boat. Just as I was leaving for San Diego, he was sent by work to New York City to do some things over a weekend. This time, though, he was the one back sooner.

As we have a once a week vegetable delivery from a local(-ish) farm, this sort of travel can lead to excessive veggies in our fridge. Combine that with our farm telling us to please use or freeze the onions as quickly as possible, and our having done a surprisingly good job gardening to get a recipe for me finding myself last Friday staring at a bunch of food that I either needed to deal with before we left this morning, or hope was going to be good when we returned.… Continue reading →

Cthuloid Onions

A couple days ago, I tweeted a photo and a comment about having a cute onion in the house.

Our red onions have been around for a bit, but I’m not sure how long. So when I discovered one had sprouted, it wasn’t a huge surprise. The shape of the sprouts, though, reminded me of tentacles, and so I had to share.

The problem, though, came up the next day when I discovered another onion sprouting. This one less cutely, and more effectively. Also, for some reason, the onion itself is smaller. Some of our garlic is sprouting too, but I’m learning how to cut around that.

What I’m wondering, though, and what makes this an ingredient (and gardening) question, is what my readers think I should DO with these sprouters, especially the onions.… Continue reading →

Second week CSA

A tiny amount of turnips and broccoli again this week! We also got two kinds of lettuce (and I might be starting to be able to identify at least the New Red Fire varietal) and early strawberries! The e-mail from the folks on the farm says that early strawberries tend to be significantly less sweet, so they’re ideal for making jams and preserves. If we’d gotten more of them, I’d be all over that, just to see if a friend who always finds strawberry jam too sweet would like early strawberry jam.

Alas (just kidding!), there’s only enough for the two of us to eat like ravenous beasts. Heartbreaking.… Continue reading →

About our CSA

As mentioned in the “About” section, Bill and I have a small share (5/9 bushel per week) in “Tomato Mountain Farm’s CSA program”: So far, we’ve had one delivery and we’ve been enjoying it immensely. Mostly it was lettuces, which have made for many delicious salads so far. We’ll get the next share Monday, 7 June 2010.

The CSA share, of course, is a very large part of what catalyzed this blog from “pipe dream” to “active reality”. As such, we feel it only appropriate to catalog what we get with you each week, as well as to link to the program at every possible turn (partially because their Sun Gold Tomatoes are amazing, and you will regret not eating them if you’re in the Chicago area and not buying them when they hit the farmers’ market).… Continue reading →