Parragon Publishing’s “Vegetables” Cookbook

Cover of Parragon Publishing's Vegetables Cookbook

By now, if you read this blog but don’t know me personally, you’ve probably figured out a few things about me:

# I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables.
# I’m learning a lot.

# I have, possibly, never been the biggest fan of vegetables.

# I really like meat.

# I’ve struggled with learning to eat more vegetables for awhile.

If you know me personally, you probably knew all of this long before Bill and I started a blog together.

Number 5 is particularly true. I’ve not been a fan of vegetables for most of my life, and since I’ve been “a grown-up”, I’ve realized how important it is to eat them. However, I struggle with it, and always have.

I’m not, and may never be, one of those for whom “meat is a condiment”.… Continue reading →

Healthy Cooking for Two (or Just You) by Frances Price

Cover of Healthy Cooking for Two (or Just You) by Frances Price, RD

I have purchased this cookbook three times, and I have never lost it once. I have given it away twice; once to my good friend Tom and once to my cousin and his new wife as part of their wedding gift. I would have given it to Jen & Dave for their wedding gift, but there was some history behind giving them (her in particular) the older How to Cook Everything. That’s how much I like this cookbook.

I don’t recall where I bought it for the first time, but it was my introduction to smaller-scale cooking. An introduction I badly needed, because part of what made cooking so daunting was the copious amount of food most recipes make. While I don’t think everyone gets tired of leftovers at some point, I know most folks do.… Continue reading →

Pie Town Cookbook from Pie Town, New Mexico

Yep, today’s about the Pie Town Cookbook. I got this the one and only time I went to Pie Town, to experience the Pie Festival1.

See, Bill and I attended undergrad in a town in New Mexico that’s about an hour and a half from Pie Town. Bill, being the younger man that he is, was in school a couple of years later than I was. Then he decided to go for his M.Sc. at the same school. Eventually, he realized how much better “the real world” pays than grad school pays, but in the time between my graduating and his leaving graduate school, he heard about the Pie Town Pie Festival and went with his friends once or twice.

I was visiting one year after he’d left graduate school, and ended up going with a group of folks, including him, to the festival.… Continue reading →

Cooking with Honey from Honey Acres

Cover of Cooking with Honey from Honey Acres

Ha! You all remember “Rule #7?”: Well, apparently I will put forth some effort for you all to get my oddball cookbooks. This way, if you have 12 lbs of honey in your pantry (as I once upon a time did), you too can buy a cookbook that tells you about many ways to deal with it. For only $2.50! Why y’all haven’t yet clicked on that there cookbook cover over yonder and snapped it up, I just don’t know.

I also just don’t know how I came to possess this cookbook. I think it was from a visit to “Honeyville”: in Durango, Colorado, but I kind of imagine them having their own cookbook. And this is totally from a place in Wisconsin. However, it’s the only logical place I can consider having purchased this cookbook from.… Continue reading →

Virginia Bed & Breakfast Cookbook by Melissa Craven

Cover of Virginia Bed and Breakfast Cookbook by Melissa Craven

I totally got this book at a Virginia Costco. I, personally, think that is cool. At the time, I didn’t expect Costco to have books of any sort, much less nifty-neato cookbooks like this one. I now know otherwise, of course, but at the time it was a totally new idea to me.

I was, with my ex-husband, going through something of a bed & breakfast phase. We’d gone to at least one for an anniversary trip, maybe two by then, and liked to contemplate more.

I still like to contemplate more, but the traveling around has been mostly reduced. Maybe next time we go visit New Mexico Bill and I will look into staying in a B&B. More likely, though, we’ll just keep staying with friends and at an airport hotel the night before we fly out at why-the-hell-is-our-flight-so-early-like-before-breakfast-starts-early.… Continue reading →